Hinoharu Matsumoto
composer | Japan, °1945
COMPOSITION 1969A : Fourth Prize
Hinoharu Matsumoto was born in Tokyo in 1945. As a child, he received his first lessons in composition from his father, Taminosuke Matsumoto. His later teachers included Saburo Aoyama (piano), Andre Jolivet, Ivo Malec and Michel Philippot. He completed his studies at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music. He also studied at the Paris Conservatoire in the composition and electronics departments.

In 1970, Hinoharu Matsumoto's composition Passacaglia won third prize in the Mainichi Music Concourse; the following year, his Symphonic Movement received an award in the Queen Elisabeth Competition. Many of his electronic compositions premiered when he was a member of the Bourges Experimental Music Group and the Groupe de Recherche Musicale (GRM) in France. His work Orion was performed by the Paris Conservatory Orchestra.

In Japan, Hinoharu Matsumoto was awarded the first Kenzo Nakajima Award as a member of the Ensemble Van Dorian, and his orchestral work Le Leonide, commissioned by the Minon Contemporary Music Festival, premiered in its 1982 "Tokyo and Osaka" series. In 1988, his Naho-Au-Koto-Wo was among a number of his works that premiered at the Yokohama City Education and Cultural Hall.

Hinoharu Matsumoto was appointed Vice President of the Japan Association for Electronic Music in 1992. He teaches at Felice Women's College, Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music and the Toho Gakuen School of Music, and he frequently writes and lectures on electronic music, music education, creative solfege and music as a creative art. Among his major compositions are Nostalgie (1974), Voyage and the Archiphase series, comprising 10 chamber works dating from 1976. The two later works have been recorded for the Camenata Tokyo label.
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